About Us

Why Choose Aqua Tanks

With polyethylene tanks from 295 litres to 31,000 litres, we offer the largest range of water storage tanks in New Zealand. Aqua Tanks® is also the highest accredited polyethylene water tank manufacturer in New Zealand giving you complete peace of mind. Aqua Tanks® take pride in offering the highest quality water tanks at a price you can afford.

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About Aqua Tanks

Aqua Tanks® is a division of Galloway International Ltd who are internationally recognised as a leader in the concept, design, development and manufacture of thermoplastic products and systems.  We have over 30 years experience in global and domestic markets.

Aqua Tanks® has earned a reputation  for providing high quality plastic water tanks and chemicals tanks and our product range and colour range is extensive.  We manufacture plastic water tanks from 295 litres to 31,000 litres and produce a range of filters and other tank accessories which make us New Zealand's number one selling brand.

Our Tanks

Every Aqua Tank is manufactured to the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4766:2006 and produced from virgin food grade material.  Our water and chemical tanks are moulded in one piece and are designed to ensure that unnecessary stresses are adequately contained within the unique ribbed side walls of the tank...
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The Natural Choice

Aqua Tanks® produces the largest range of tanks in New Zealand and made from polyethylene - an extremely tough and durable lightweight thermoplastic material.  No chemical reactions take place during the manufacturing process and consequently there is no tainting of water with polyethylene...
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Aqua Tanks® - Buy with Confidence

We are the highest accredited polyethylene water tank manufacturer in New Zealand giving you peace of mind when purchasing an Aqua Tank. These certifications mean that all our processes, from tank design and manufacturing through to raw materials and finished products are independently certified to meet the highest design and manufacturing standards.

Our aim is simple - to provide quality products and services to satisfied customers.