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Aqua Tanks® water storage tanks are manufactured and certified to the Australian and New Zealand design and manufacturing standards (AS/NZS 4766:2006) and produced from virgin food grade material to AS/NZS 4766:2006. Aqua Tanks® are moulded in one piece and are designed to ensure that unnecessary stresses are adequately contained within the unique ribbed side walls of the tank. Aqua Tanks® are produced using a rotational moulding process so that there are no joins. The Patented ribs help to contain the 'hoop' stresses exerted on storage tanks. Additional strength is moulded into the tank through the combination of a moulded and ribbed dome which also houses the manhole riser(s). Aqua Tanks build structural strength into our watertanks during the design and moulding stages, meaning that we do not have to add additional structures or frames inside the tanks after moulding.

Aqua Tank Features

  • Polyethylene minimises occurrence of algae growth within water tanks.
  • Wide colour range available to blend in with the immediate environment.
  • UV stabilized material
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Water tanks come complete with female threaded inlet
  • Large storage tanks have inlet and overflow positions moulded into the manhole riser
  • Maintenance free; made to last.
  • Designed and certified in compliance with the applicable New Zealand and Australian standards for storage tanks and U.S. FDA regulations storage of portable water.


The polyethylene product used to make all products is an extremely tough and durable lightweight thermoplastic material. The colour and ultra-violet stabilizers are compounded to give long-term resistance and stability to harsh sun. No chemical reactions take place during the manufacturing process and consequently there is no tainting of water with polyethylene. All of our tanks are manufactured using virgin linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) which complies with AS/NZS2050, the standard for food grade material. The material is recyclable and can be repaired by a heat welding process if damaged.

Plastic, or polyethylene, water tanks are now the biggest selling sector of the water tank market and have been developed and tested in the market place over many years for the manufacture of water storage containers. It cannot rot or corrode and is UV stabilised for New Zealand conditions. It is also resistant to algae growth as a result of its formulation and not from any addition of fungicides.

Water stored in polyethylene has no taste from the tank material because nothing leaches from polyethylene.  Any ‘taste’ in the water will be the result of the maintenance of your roof, spouting, downpipes, gutters and the tank itself.  It should be clear though that most rainwater tanks are not approved for drinking water by the local authorities in urban areas unless approved cleaning and sterilisation processes have been used to treat the water. This policy is not based on any fears about any of the materials used to manufacture tanks and relates back to the possibility of unclean drinking water from poorly maintained roofs.

Colour Range

Our above-ground tanks (AQ-range) are available in colours to match your environment.

  • Heritage Green
  • Mist Green
  • Khaki
  • Karaka
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • White

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The HZ-range of tanks, ST-range of stackable tanks, Aqua Filters and pump covers are available in a limited colour range.

Ask for the availability of colours when making enquiries or when ordering our products.

Custom Design and Fit out For Water tanks, Specialised Tanks and Chemical Tanks.

Not every Customer has the same requirements. At our Aqua Tank Factory and Tank Warehouse our Tankman or fit out staff can custom fit fittings, using the very best fittings and polyethylene welding methods for our Plastic Tanks. We will work with you the Customer or your Consulting Engineers as well as the EPA Inspectors to ensure you have seamless experience for installing your Chemical Tanks This give you the Customer Assurance that you Chemical Tanks are installed correctly and Certified to the Approved Code of Practice under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act 1996. HSNOCOP (16-2013).