Chemical tanks

Our chemical tanks are the only polyethylene tank compliant to HSNOCOP61 specification.


Aqua Tanks®TM is a leader in the design, certification and manufacturing of HSNO approved polyethylene chemical tanks, using state of the art rotational moulding processes to deliver unsurpassed strength and chemical resistance.

Professional Engineers – To ensure we meet all HSNO and ERMA requirements we have engaged Matrix as Consultant Engineers for Finite Element Analysis, Seismic Restraint and Windage Loading to provide you with the optimal solution and documentation to ensure the best tank for your storage requirements

Every Tank is approved and verified to AS/NZ4766:2006 and the higher HSNOCOP 61 Chemical Standard. This ensures the long term storage of Class 5, 6, 8 and 9 Hazardous Substances.

Manufacturing in our East Auckland plant we can provide a range of storage tanks from 295L to 24,995L which makes us “The Natural Choice” for chemical storage.

– Suitable for Class 5, 6, 8, 9 Hazardous Substances (refer to Manufacturer specific chemicals)
– Meets the higher HSNO legislation requirements
– Seamless, robust, one-piece construction
– Available in chemical related colours for easy identification
– Available in a range of SG’s to suit your storage requirements

– Engineered fittings that meet chemical resistance requirements
– Electrofusion welded fittings to suit pipework of all sizes (25mm to 300mm)
– Variety of combinations – BNC male, BNC female, Table D, Table E
– Fittings gusseted for extra support and longer service life


Tank Sizes




295L 965mm 640mm
475L 895mm 1,065mm
598L 975mm 1,125mm
774L 1,352mm 820mm
1,110L 965mm 1,945mm
1,725L 1,350mm 1,685mm
2,510L 1,600mm 1,570mm
2,555L 1,362mm 2,100mm
5,020L 1,830mm 2,335mm
10,046L 2,180mm 2,995mm
16,095L 3,555mm 2,010mm
24,995L 3,555mm 2,900mm

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