BIOROTOR Commercial Wastewater Treatment



BIOROTOR Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment: Innovative rotating biological contactors system | BIOROTOR

BIOROTOR was specifically designed to be more efficient, compact, robust, and simple to operate and maintain. It incorporates numerous innovative processes, including a revolutionary gear drive system, improved water transfer buckets, and a clog-resistant media. The BIOROTOR achieves a high level of treatment and can be configured for denitrification.

BIOROTOR is ideal for:
• Residential Estates or Compounds
• Hotels, Resorts, and Camping Facilities
• Office Parks or Educational Institutions with or without Boarding Facilities
• Small Villages
• Mining, Military, or Aid Camps
• Expanding or Rehabilitating Existing Public Wastewater Plants
• Applications that Require a Nutrient Removal Unit Process

See the Brochure below for more information:

To enquire you can contact BIOROTOR via their website Contact Us | Innovative rotating biological contactors | BIOROTOR
Or speak directly to Geoff the New Zealand Managing Director of BIOROTOR:
Geoff Jones-Prichard
Ph: 021 645 199



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