Recyclable Plastic Water Tanks

295L – 31,000L

The largest range of 100% recyclable food grade polyethylene water storage tanks made in New Zealand.


On all Water Tanks in the North Island

Rural Water Tanks

For clean drinking
water & farm water

Slimline Water Tanks

Urban rainwater

Underground Tanks

For low visual impact
under the garden or

NZ’s highest accredited polyethylene water tank manufacturer.

When it comes to tanks

We deliver

Watertank Lifestyle Combo

62,000L Water Tank Lifestyle Combo

SALE PRICE: $7,638.00

Lifestyle & Rural Water Tanks

Up to 20 year pro rata warranty

A colour to suit
your surroundings.

A colour to suit
your surroundings.

Urban & Slimline Water Tanks

Urban Aquatank

2,000L Urban Aquatank

SALE PRICE: $2,199.00

Rainwater harvesting solutions for your home and garden

Water Tank Accessories

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Winter Water Savers Special