Before buying
What is rainwater harvesting?
Rain water harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater into tanks to use as a primary source of domestic water for your house, garden or farm.
What are the benefits of rainwater harvesting?
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reduce your water bills
  • Healthier water for your plants
What are Aqua Tanks® made of?
All our Aqua Tanks® are made of food grade, UV resistant polyethylene. Aqua Tanks® are moulded in one piece and designed to ensure that stresses are contained within the patented ribbed walls and domed construction (NZ design patent 505190).
Do plastic tanks make the water taste funny?
Aqua Tanks® do not change the taste
What standard are Aqua Tanks® built to?
Aqua Tanks® are manufactured to the Australian and New Zealand water tank standard AS/NZS 4766:2006 and are independently certified by a professional engineer.
How much is delivery on my water tank?

For all tanks 5,000L upwards delivery is FREE! (Excluding ferry crossings).

For our smaller tanks ranging from 300L – 3,000L deliver across the North Island (excluding ferry crossings) is between $100-$150.

Ferry crossing delivery rates vary, for more info give us a call at 0800 370 007

Where do you deliver?
Aqua Tanks® delivers all across the North Island. We can travel across certain ferry crossings for additional cost.
Do you deliver to the South Island?
Unfortunately we do not deliver to the South Island.
Do you export your tanks?
We can export our tanks to the Pacific Islands.
When will I receive my newly purchased water tank?

Due to current heavy demand for our tanks, there are delays in manufacturing and delivery. We are doing our best to reduce delays where possible. We will contact you to discuss a delivery time and our drivers will call in advance when the tank is on its way to you.

Can you install my water tank?
We only manufacture and deliver Aqua Tanks® however we do provide an in-depth installation guide for anybody that would like to install the tank by themselves. A registered plumber or drainlayer can also install your water tank.
Where can I install my water tank?
Depending on what your tank will be used for you can install your tank at the most convenient location for its use.  The base the tank sits on is more important and must be flat with a bed of compacted Gap 7 or sand.

If you are laying a concrete base for your tank to sit on, the minimum depth should be 100mm, ensuring the sub-base is compacted prior to pouring the concrete.

How deep can I bury my water tank?
Our larger tanks (16,000L and above) can be buried 700mm deep.
How heavy are the Aquatanks?
Our tanks vary in weight as they vary in size, and weigh between 30kg to 400kg.
Whats the warranty on my water tank?
The warranty on all above ground Aqua Tanks® is 10 years and the warranty on our under ground tanks is 5 years.
Where are the water tanks manufactured?
All our water tanks are manufactured at our factory in East Tamaki, Auckland.
How do I keep my water clean?
The best ways to keep your water clean are:

  • Using a pre-tank filter to prevent debris from getting into your water tank.
  • Cleaning your water tank yearly.
  • Using a UV filter after your tank allows you to have clean water in your house.

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