Lead Times

Product Group Estimated Lead Time
Big Aqua Tanks (25,200L – 31,000L) 4 Weeks
Big Aqua Tanks (16,000L – 21,000L) 6 Weeks
Big Aqua Tanks (5,000L – 10,000L) 6 Weeks
Small Aqua Tanks (1,100L – 3,000L) 6-8 Weeks
Small Aqua Tanks (295L – 800L) 6-8 Weeks
Slimline Aqua Tanks 6 Weeks
Urban Aquatanks 8 Weeks

We endeavour to keep our manufacturing lead times to a minimum and once your tanks are completed, they are put on the earliest available run to ensure efficiency and your satisfaction.

Last Updated: February 2024

Please Note:

  • Lead times are indicative and do not include delivery.
  • Manufacturing will be scheduled on receipt of payment.
  • Delivery times can vary dependant on location and are subject to availability and scheduled delivery.

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