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  • 3,000L Underground water tank with trafficable lid

    3,000L Underground Aquatank with Trafficable Lid

  • 1,900L underground water tank - mist green

    1,900L Partially Underground Aquatank

  • 1,900L underground water tank - mist green

    1,900L Underground Aquatank Trafficable Lid

  • 500L partially buried water tank - mist green

    500L Partially Buried Aquatank


At Aqua Tanks, we understand that space isn’t always abundant. That’s why we offer our selection of underground water tanks – ideal solutions for discreet water storage without sacrificing valuable property space. Our underground water tanks are perfect for rainwater harvesting or storing larger volumes of water for irrigation or household use. All our tanks are built from high-grade polyethylene for superior strength and durability, ensuring they can handle the demands of being underground.

If space is limited but you prefer an above-ground tank, check out our slimline tanks and urban water tanks.

Winter Water Savers Special