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Soil Creep and Ground Movement

by | Dec 5, 2023 | News

Soil creep is the gradual downward progression of topsoil down slopes due the effects of gravity, caused by temperature, moisture levels, bioturbation. The rate of soil creep can be very slow and is dependent on how steep a slope is and the size of the area, affected areas can range from several square kilometres to small developments or single building sites.

Risks of soil creep and ground movement due to the typically very slow deflection, has long-term effects of potentially disturbing underground service lines, buildings, fences and even roads. Making this an important factor to consider when building on a slope or hill, and further installing rainwater collection tanks.

This highlights the importance of ensuring suitable foundations and retaining walls are in place where required when installing tanks in areas of sloped land. Our installation instructions specify the best way to maintain a level surface on sloped ground to ensure the longevity of your tanks at home.

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